To Expand new technologies and customers looking for the world-class Building Soutions, Johnson Controls takes over from Qolsys, Inc.

Creation of a global power in the converging markets for intrusion and smart construction

To Expand new technologies and customers looking for the world-class Building Soutions, Johnson Controls takes over from Qolsys, Inc.

On 04 Aug 2020 -Johnson Controls announced that the company had bought the remaining stake in Qolsys Inc., a leading manufacturer in residential and commercial security and smart-home, having owned a majority stake since 2014. Qolsys is expanding the global innovation network Johnson Controls offering safe and smart building technologies for the next decade. The Leadership team and Qolsys founders will remain in Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA), taking on important positions in the global intrusion business of Johnson Controls.

Johnson Controls continues its mission by introducing new technology such as embedded IP, artificial intelligence, and machine learning through best-in-class solutions and collaborations to offer cleaner, healthier, cleaner, and more connected buildings. Johnson Controls is leading a fundamental transformation in how spaces and places are viewed and enjoyed by managing and reacting to the flow of information, resources, and people occupying buildings. Through integrating data from both indoor and outdoor buildings, digital systems, Johnson Controls OpenBlue empowers customers to control activities while providing safety and security in complex and agile environments.

With more than 4,000 dealers and service providers worldwide, Qolsys has grown from a startup to a leading security platform provider. Johnson Controls sees long-term opportunities to introduce creativity and technology to Silicon Valley 's wider cloud-enabled IoT technologies for building security, fire, and HVAC businesses, "said Jeff Williams, president of Global Products, Johnson Controls." The ability to acquire Qolsys helps Johnson Controls to gain operating efficiencies and scale across our global markets, while at the same time offering potential opportunities to acquire Qolsys.

The award-winning peripherals and IQ Panel 2 Plus have powered exponential development across North America and the globe with future-proof features that are backed by over-the-air app updates, built-in panel camera, Bluetooth disarming and creative installation and testing tools to reduce costs and improve user interaction and satisfaction. Qolsys continues to show steady growth in providers and distributors and contributes USD 150 million in revenue during the fiscal year 2019. 

Dave will become vice president and general manager for Johnson Controls' global intrusion protection company, which had $500 million in sales in fiscal year 2019. In the security market, we are dedicated to our clients while continuing to invest in our roadmap and new verticals around the globe.

The combined volume of products from Qolsys, DSC, Bentel, Visonic, PowerG, and Tyco places Johnson Controls as the worldwide market share leader in integrated protection solutions.

Qolsys recently unveiled roadmap products like IQ Hub, a lower-priced, third-generation IQ Panel; IQ Router, a next-generation mesh networking solution to elegantly solve the increasingly complex wired home; IQ Water, a connected water shutdown valve designed for mass-market retrofitting; and a fourth-generation IQ Panel expected in 2021 with Qualcomm AI, M2 M, and next-generation chipset support.

Johnson Controls will be offering Qolsys products in all global markets. The IQ Panel 2 Plus and a full line of safety and home automation products are available from certified Qolsys distributors.