Amaero Launches new 3D printing manufacturing facility

On 12th March 2020, Amaero International has launched its latest Adelaide manufacturing plant in Edinburgh North for 3D printing business.

Amaero Launches new 3D printing manufacturing facility

The Melbourne-based company named Amaero is considered a world leader in metal additive manufacturing for the defense and aerospace industries and additionally has a manufacturing plant in California.

The South Australian site is next to the Edinburgh RAAF base in Adelaide’s north and is the outcome of a partnership with the University of Adelaide.

The facility contained three state-of-the-art Renishaw AM 400 3D printing machines and ancillary equipment. It was initially established by the University of Adelaide, with Amaero joining as a leading industry partner.

Amaero produces large-format, advanced defense and aerospace components through laser-based additive manufacturing techniques, usually referred to as 3D printing.

The business will collaborate with the university to support the efforts of the South Australian Advanced Research Network for Additive Manufacturing, which involves increasing equipment, human resources, and ability to make Adelaide a pioneer in 3D printing science, education, training, and manufacturing.

According to Barrie Finnin, Amaero CEO, South Australia was fast becoming a center of the aerospace and the defense industries.Additive manufacturing is one of the most assuring areas for the Australian economy, and it is rising in importance.

Amaero is proud to be a leader in this field and will look ahead to collaborate with the University of Adelaide to moreover strengthen knowledge and skills in the industry. The University of Adelaide and Amaero concluded a Strategic Partnership Agreement in October 2019, focused on improving South Australia’s advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Edinburgh North facility was originally built by the University of Adelaide with support from the South Australian Government.

According to South Australian Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni, Amaero’s decision to set up in Adelaide was an uplift for the state’s innovation ecosystem.This plant is a key enabler to help with the adoption of metal 3D printing by local businesses that will drive innovation and the adaptation into new-to-world and new-to-industry products, services, and processes.

Amaero was founded in 2013 with the sponsorship of Monash University, and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in December 2019.

Amaero has partnered with some of the world's top suppliers of R&D and engineering equipment for aerospace and defense products. It has shown an ability to produce critical operation components for aircraft, including 3D alloy-printed military equipment.