CBSE to introduce 3 subjects for Class 11 from 2020-21, including AI

Physical Activity Trainer and Design Thinking are are not core subjects but part of the vocational course work and schools are free to choose one or more such skill courses

CBSE to introduce 3 subjects for Class 11 from 2020-21, including AI

Keeping in mind the evolving technology, on 7 April 2020, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is launching Design Thinking and Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses for Class 11 students from the academic year to come.

According to the school board this move would help students keep up with the global trends and workplace requirements. Besides it will be imaginative and fun for the students. The board also said that another course called 'Physical Activity Teacher' is also being launched to inspire students to keep fit.

According to a 2019 survey by ed-tech company Great Learning, design thinking and AI are key skills that the industries are now looking for. The survey which collected data from 307 companies highlighted that organizations are now looking for new age skills such as AI, Machine Learning and Design Thinking to drive future success and maximize production.

To be sure, these courses are not core subjects, but they are part of the work of the vocational course and schools are free to select one or more of those skills. CBSE now provides 17 secondary-level skills and 37 secondary-level subjects to develop the knowledge and abilities of its students

The implementation of these subjects is in line with what the proposed national education policy has indicated, according to the school board. The draft policy had specified that education should be widely oriented, contemporary and guided by demand.

According to Saha, the Physical Activity Trainer course does not only help improve a trainer's abilities but also life skills. Artificial Intelligence is also a computer emulation of the limitless human cognitive ability. Physical activity is a must if we want to keep the body and mind safe.