Calian Grows Cyber Team with boutique emissions security consultancy acquisition

Calian Group Ltd. Has purchased EMSEC Solutions Inc. (EMSEC), a boutique business specialized in emission protection and countermeasures in the field of radio frequency (RF) monitoring.

Calian Grows Cyber Team with boutique emissions security consultancy acquisition

The protection of emissions relates to monitoring and preventing unwanted electrical and electromagnetic emissions that may reveal confidential or classified information. EMSEC offers technical and professional services, including TEMPEST products and other mitigation methods such as zoning facilities (physical distance, design changes, IT system separation, and other measures). This specialized area is that as organizations see a need to protect intellectual property increasingly.

Customized programs at EMSEC include assessments of vulnerability, surveillance, preparation, risk reduction and countermeasure sweeps. FASTBREAK, the company's emission analyzer software tool, offers automated and manual signal analysis to support production monitoring, inspection of equipment as well as troubleshooting, investigation and research.

According to EMSEC President Peter Patterson, company are excited to enter a bigger market leader with a strong information security presence, and look forward to integrating our respective skills. Staff at EMSEC have extensive experience in delivering protective solutions for emissions. Experience includes registration, in-field testing of systems, emission security vulnerability studies and resolutions. According to John Simpson, EMSEC Solutions CTO, EMSEC is excited to bring experience on emission security concerns to a world-class organization like Calian. EMSEC blend of innovative goods and professional/technical expertise will flawlessly align with the leading information security practice at Calian.

According to Sandra Cote, Vice President, Information Technology, Calian want to extend an extremely warm welcome to the EMSEC team. The breadth of information security experience will place Calian in a leading role in the field of emissions security and provide a clear differentiator for our information solutions practice, setting us apart with a variety of services and a talented service team.

Established in 2011, EMSEC Solutions Inc. offers consulting services in the study of radio frequency (RF) signals, RF risk evaluations, TSCM, and mitigation strategies. Having experience in the military, government security agencies, and law enforcement, his team of specialists in RF and TSCM advise on RF engineering, EMI / EMC, and TEMPEST technologies. The company has a division of products, a division of technical/professional services, and RF test/certification laboratory, and a division of design engineering and light manufacturing.

Calian's IT division meets customer requirements in the execution of their dynamic IT solutions for the subject matter expertise. With a focus on cloud migration, IT growth, support services, SAP consulting, and cyber security solutions, Calian supports customers across the domestic market at all levels of government and the private sector. Calian Information Security Solutions offers the right people, processes, and technologies for public and private sector entities to develop actionable strategies and to keep their environments safe and secure.